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    By Clint Brown  


    We're very pleased to announce that Cadline Connect for Vault and Microsoft NAV is now available for Vault Professional customers.

    This is a new tool from the Cadline Data Management team. It allows Vault users to push (released) data, such as BoM information between Vault and Microsoft NAV. Cadline Connect is unique in that it allows for both File and Item based workflows. This means that companies do not have to change the way that they currently work, they can simply add additional functionality that removes manual workflows and possible mistakes.

    In traditional manufacturing workflows, customers often control their design data inside of Vault, but manually export CSV files of their BoM's to be manually uploaded to their ERP systems. This means that their BoM information is no longer controlled, and is subject to errors.


    Cadline Connect removes the need for manual exports and uploads, by connecting Autodesk Vault directly to the ERP system, ensuring data integrity and removing possible human error.


    The video below shows a file based workflow from Vault. Cadline Connect is also available for Item based workflows.

    For more information about this exciting new product, please contact apps@cadline.co.uk for more details.