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    By Justin Doughty

    pic1.pngIf you are a Revit 2018 user that hasn’t had the 2018.1 update, or do not have the US Metric content installed (which most UK and European users do not), there is free additional content that can be downloaded from Autodesk here:

    Autodesk Revit 2018.1 Content

    Once downloaded, the package will ask for a place to extract the files to, DO NOT use the default location, instead create/specify a new folder temporarily on your machine.

    Then copy the additional content from this folder to your standard library location. As an example, for UK users this will be:

    C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT 2018\Libraries\UK

    Once copied across, delete the temporary folder created for the download.

    This will give you access to some new family content which you may find useful.

    -A new set of skylights and a series of configurable windows:pic2.png

    -Two sets of Speciality Equipment>Domestic:pic3.png -A set of office furniture that can be configured in different ways:pic4.png