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By Martin Phelps


Below is an update to the function key operations in AutoCAD 2018.

F1                                Links and opens “On line Help” (internet connection is required).

F2                                Expands the “Command Line” history, if the command is floating or displays the “Text Window” if the command line is docked.

F3                                Toggles “Object Snap” on/off.

F4                                Toggles “3D Object Snap” on / off in Full AutoCAD, or toggles “Tabmode” in AutoCAD LT.

F5                                Toggles or cycles through “Top”, “Left”, and “Right” isoplanes, (providing the iso grid is turned on).

F6                                Toggles “Dynamic UCS” on / off in Full AutoCAD only.

F7                                Toggles “Grid Mode” on/off

F8                                Toggles “Ortho” on / off

F9                                Toggles “Grid Snap” or “Gridmode” on / off

F10                              Toggles “Polar Tracking” on / off

F11                              Toggles “Object Snap Tracking” on/off

F12                              Toggles “Dynamic Input” on/off