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    By Dennis Collin

    Pipework in general can be quite difficult to draw in a plant room or other busy area and still be able to clearly show what’s going on. Especially with pipes going under or over, rise and drop symbols and fittings of various types.pic7.jpg

    Fig.1      The default symbol setup can be difficult to read at times!

    Rise and drop symbols size are set in the project template and can easily be adjusted to a smaller size if desired.

    Located under: Manage>MEP Settingspic8.pngThe 3mm default, whilst being a reasonable size, can sometimes result in difficult to understand drawings especially in busy plantroom areas. However, reducing the sizes down to 1.8mm can make things easier to read. Hidden Line offsets and lineweights might also need to be adjusted to compensate and provide clarity.pic9.jpg

    Fig 3.     Drawing at the same scale but with smaller symbols making for easier, clearer reading of busy drawings.