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    By John Flanagan


    Introduction : The two main methods of creating roofs in Revit are outlined below.

    Adding a roof by footprint

    ■ 2D closed-loop sketch of the roof perimeter

    ■ Created when you select walls or draw lines in plan view

    ■ Created at level of view in which it was sketched

    ■ Height is controlled by Base Height Offset property

    ■ Openings are defined by additional closed loops

    ■ Slopes are defined when you apply a slope parameter to sketch lines


    Adding a roof by extrusion

    ■ Open-loop sketch of the roof profile

    ■ Created when you use lines and arcs to sketch the profile in an elevation view

    ■ Height is controlled by the location of the sketch in elevation view

    ■ Depth is calculated by Revit Structure based on size of sketch, unless you specify start and end points.


    Conclusion: The roofs on the title illustration were all created using the Roof by Footprint method. In future blogs, we will look at roofs and the different types of roofs in more detail.

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