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    By Anite Ramgi

    pic1.pngYou can use the Design Assistant to rename, copy and replace part files for an assembly. 

    Opening a File

    Choose the project file you are working on, clicking on File>Projects and selecting the project file. Then open the assembly by clicking on the open button.pic2.gif

    Copy Files

    Highlight the files you want to copy, right click on Action column and click on copy> right click on Subfolder column and click Change Path> choose the path you want to copy the files to> click Save.


    If you want to copy the assembly and its associated files to a location outside the workspace, right click on the File Location column and click change path> Browse to the location> Open> Make sure the file path is shown on the Select File Location> Open> Save.pic4.gif


    Renaming a part file will break the link to its assembly file on windows explorer. Using Design Assistant, you can rename the file and it will maintain its relationship to the assembly. Select the file> right click on the Action column, Rename> right click on the Name column, select Change Name> Save. pic5.gif


    You can replace components without opening the assembly on Inventor.

    Select the file> right click on the Action column, click Replace> right click on the Name column, click Change Name> choose the file you want to replace with>Save. pic6.gif