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    By Anite Ramgi


    Exploded view is a great way to the show parts that make an assembly. You can create this exploded view in the Presentation Mode and place this view in Drawing Mode to create an exploded drawing. 

    However, you may get an issue when you have edited the exploded view or added tweaks, which are not being transferred to the drawing. 

    There are three things to check:

    • Snapshot View Marker
    • Snapshot View refresh
    • Drawing View associative to Snapshot


    Snapshot View Marker

    The storyboard will consist of markers which are associated to a snapshot. This marker will need to be positioned at the required location on the timeline.pic2.png

    Snapshot View Refresh

    If the snapshot marker has been repositioned on the storyboard, it will need to be updated. You can update this by clicking on the blue circle with the circular arrows, or right click> update on the snapshot.pic3.png

    Drawing View

    You have already inserted a snapshot view onto the drawing and then edited the exploded view, but the view on the drawing is not updating.

    Make sure that the associative link is ticked, when placing a view on the Drawing View window.pic4.png