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    By Dennis Collin

    pic1.pngSample image credit: Studio Bartolini - Nvidia’s mental ray

    The latest version of 3ds Max 2018 has a new renderer added to its toolset called ‘Arnold’. This new renderer compliments the existing renderers provided out of the box and gives fantastic results. The Mental Ray renderer, however, is no longer supplied as a standard plug-in which may be of concern to users who use the Mental Ray Renderer in their design visualisation workflow. However, it is available to download from http://www.nvidia.com/object/download-mental-ray.html

    Once installed it is available to be selected and can be saved into a max rendering preset or start file as desired.


    This render will work within 3ds Max or Maya as previous versions, but production rendering without an active 3ds Max or Maya session will still require a Mental Ray license. This can be purchased from our Cadline Rendering Specialists. Please phone 01293 774442 or email sales@cadline.co.uk more information



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