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    When loading MapThat I get an error message stating ‘Column ‘TREE_NAME’ does not belong to table TableError’. How can I resolve this?



    The below error message often means that a Table or Column in a table is either missing from the MapThat VE Control Tables, or the reference to this value is missing in your MapThat Databases Stored Procedures.



    To resolve this issue if you have a working Test or Live version of MapThat, you can check that the Database Schema (Tables and Columns) are the same as those in the MapThat Instance you are trying to update. If there are any missing Tables or Columns then make the required changes. 

    If however, you believe that your MapThat Database Table Structures are all correct, it is likely that a Stored Procedure needs to be added or updated.  You have two options here, one is to go back through your recent SQL Scripts provided in your releases and ensure that these have been ran as required. Or alternately if the issue persists then you can Drop all Stored Procedures and Views and re-create those.  Please contact Cadline’s Support Team before undertaking this. The Support team will provide you with a full list of up to date Procedures and Views and then take you through how to Drop and then Create these.



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