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    By Justin Doughty

    pic1.png There are many ways to generate a Toposurface, both inside and outside of Revit. Using PointSense for Revit, there is now a way to create a surface directly from geometry generated from the point cloud data. The below guide shows how this can be done. 

    The first step is to create a floor in the area needed:pic2.png

    Then go to the PointSense tab>Surface Analysis Tools, and select Calculate. Then select the face to compare with the point cloud, and click Finish:pic3.png

    Next specify the parameters for the Analysis. I would suggest to keep this well under 1000 points:pic4.pngThis will give you the Analysis results on the Floor. Next step is to export them, you could export this to a TXT file, but in this example we are going to physically create geometry for the surface, so tick Construction points or profile lines:pic5.pngWe now have constructions points or profile lines that we can create our Toposurface from. Simply go to the PointSense tab>Object Tools Panel>Toposurface, then just select the model elements and finish:pic6.pngThis gives us a Toposurface: