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    By Martin Phelps

    After installation of AutoCAD, the default setting for the right mouse button when pressed will display a menu, if in a command the sub commands are display as shown in Figure 1. Since the current command is “Line” and more than one segment has been drawn, two sub commands are now available, close and undo.


    Figure 1.


    However to cancel the command the user must either left click on “Enter” or “Cancel”.

    A much overlooked option is the “Time Sensitive” right click.

    This can be set by the “Right-click Customisation” button in the “User Preferences” tab of the “Options” Dialogue box. As shown in Figure 2.


    Figure 2.

    Once selected the “Right-Click Customisation” Dialogue box is displayed, to turn on check the box, once the box has been checked the “Click Duration” can be set, 250 milliseconds seems too long, so a good setting is about 150 milliseconds, but this does depend on the user. Leave all the other settings to their defaults.

    Select “Apply and Close” to confirm the new settings, and “OK” the “Options” dialogue box to complete the changes.

    This now gives the best of both options, a quick right mouse click will act as “Enter” and a right click and hold for a period of time greater than the one specified will display the short cut menu. Allowing sub command select at the cross hairs. Figure 3 shows the “Right-Click” and hold menu showing the sub-commands for the “Polyline” command.


    Figure 3

    The advantage of setting the time sensitive right click, is that the sub commands now appear on screen at the location of the cursor, which will save time.