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    The Scale Printing tool in MapThat is creating an output PDF and the job is completed, but the PDF shows a blank map - what is the reason for this?



    If the Scale Print tool successfully runs the Print job and the Job Status reads Job Completed, but when you open the output the map is blank:pic2.pngThe likely reason for this will be a mismatch between the value used for the chosen basemap in the MT_MAP_COLOURSETS table and the corresponding value used in the MTLayers.py script file. To resolve this, ensure that for each basemap references in your MT_MAP_COLOURSETS table, the value used in the DESCRIPTION field e.g. OS MASTERMAP BW:

    pic3.pngMatches the corresponding value as referenced 4 times (use a Find and Replace to ensure you find all 4 values) in the MTLayers.py file:pic4.pngSo for example, when printing using OS MasterMap Black and White as a basemap, both the MT_MAP_COLOURSETS.description value and the references in the MTLayers.py file must be the same – in this case ‘OS MASTERMAP BW’.



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