Switching from Autodesk Maintenance Plans to Subscription

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By Nick Harris

In previous editions of Insider I have explained the benefits of subscribing to Autodesk products and the new Industry Collections that Autodesk launched last year. Many of our customers are starting to subscribe to an Autodesk Industry Collection when they have need of additional licences or more sophisticated software. However, most of you are long term Autodesk customers and over the years, have invested in the Design Suites or individual products like AutoCAD.  If you are one of those customers, you may be wandering where you go from here. You will have seen the benefits of what Autodesk has been calling the ‘new model’ but you are feeling restricted by your existing Autodesk Maintenance Plan. 


The good news is that Autodesk is introducing a programme that allows you to switch your Maintenance Plans to the new model. The idea being that you can get the benefits of subscribing to an AEC Industry Collection, for example, whilst minimising the disruption to your existing environment of Building Design Suite installations.  There are some qualifying criteria and not all products are eligible and as a minimum, the licences you wish to switch must be associated with a current Autodesk Maintenance Plan. The table below shows the types of products you can switch from and to.

From a Maintenance Plan for:

Switch to a Subscription of:

An individual product, eg AutoCAD.

The same individual product or an industry collection, eg AEC Industry Collection.

An individual LT product, eg Revit LT.

The same individual product or an LT Suite, eg Revit LT Suite.

A Design or Creation Suite, eg Product Design Suite.

An industry collection, eg Product Design Suite.

An LT Suite.

An LT Suite.

Here are some the important points you need to be aware of about switching your Maintenance Plans to Subscriptions.

  • The programme starts on June 15th
  • You can switch anytime during the renewal period of Maintenance Plan; that is up to 90 days before the expiry date of the plan.
  • When you switch, you are required to give up each perpetual licence that you switch for a Subscription licence.
  • You will retain the additional benefits that the Maintenance Plan provided including software updates, previous version rights, home use rights, global travel rights, cloud credits and cloud services.

The transition of your existing software installations is straightforward but there are some points to be aware of. In most cases the switch paths are designed to ensure that you have access to more products and benefits than you would have with a Maintenance Plan.  Autodesk encourages you to move to the latest version of the software once you have switched but recognise that you may need to continue to use legacy software for project compatibility. For example, if you were eligible to use AutoCAD 2012 as part of your Building Design Suite Maintenance Plan then you will be able to continue to do so with your switched AEC Collection.

In fact, there is special consideration given to customers switching from current Maintenance Plans to Subscription that means that the disruption to your business caused by time consuming software reinstallation is minimised. Subject to certain conditions and limitations you are permitted to leave your old perpetual licence software installed until you are ready to install or deploy the new subscription. These conditions are not arduous and are mainly concerned with swapping your existing network licence for a new one if you have a multi-user deployment or, allocating named users to single-user installations.

Switching from Autodesk Maintenance Plans to Subscription is designed to be straightforward and non-intrusive. Once you have switched, your users can continue to use their familiar software whilst you plan to deploy the additional software and benefits that you now have access to. Contact your account manager to find out which is the best option for you.

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