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    By Clint Brown


    Exporting a BoM out of Inventor to CSV/XLS is really simple.

    The most important consideration, is what you would like to export. For most businesses, especially those sharing their BoM information with an ERP system, the "Structured" BoM is the best option, as this contains all levels of the BoM.

    To Export a BoM;

    • Click on the "Bill of Materials" button (on the Manage tab).
    • Right Click on the "Structured" tab and select "Enable BOM View".
    • On the top right hand corner of the BoM window, click on "Export Bill of Materials".
    • Choose "Structured" and "All Levels", then OK.


    You can now select the format that you would like to export, give the file a name and hit "Save".

    The Animated GIF below, shows this workflow in action.