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    By Anite Ramgi


    I get asked numerous times what an A360 drive is and how to use it.

    A360 Drive is Autodesk’s online cloud storage site which is free to sign up and use. You may use the cloud service to transfer files which are too big to be sent via email or want to store the files without the need of USB sticks or hard drive.

    To use this service, you will need to sign up and create an account. If you already have an Autodesk Account, you can login straight away.img2.pngAfter logging in, you will be directed to a home screen. It will display the files that have been uploaded as well as the folders that have been created.img3.png

    Upload files

    You can either click on the upload button or drag & drop the files on the window.


    Create Folder

    Click on the New Folder button, enter the folder name, and click create.



    Hover the mouse over the folder or file you want to share, click on the share symbol and type the email address and set the level of permission.

    img6.gifView and Download

    The A360 Drive also allows you to view the files, as well as download them. If you want to download either the folder or the file, hover the mouse over the folder or the file and click on the download symbol.

    To view the file, click on the file. img7.gif



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