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    By Justin Doughty


    After exploring all of the new features of Revit 2018 I moved on to upgrading and working on a few of my older projects. As a good base for comparison, I thought I would run files through the Render in Cloud and Revit Live services to test those features from 2018.

    What I am pleased to say I found was a very noticeable increase in quality, not just of the output, but of the interfaces and services also.

    image002.png The Render in Cloud service now has a new, cleaner interface, with sharing buttons in standard locations. And the output of render seems be of a higher quality, the reflections and textures feel more realistic.


    If you are interested in viewing this panoramic render in full quality, please find the link below:

    Small Office Sample

    The same can be said for the Revit Live cloud service, although the interface is the same, the file that is output has come a long way since the original version. The textures map better, the reflections are more realistic, the animation is a lot smoother and there are added features like RPC people. As this is still fairly new, I can see this being developed very quickly and look forward to the future updates.




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