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    I have chosen Blue as the Cluster Icon Colour but cannot see any points clustered in the map - what is causing this issue?



    You can use the MapThat Admin Forms to define if you wish to cluster a point layer in MapThat. Simply tick the Clustering box if you wish to cluster points together. You then have options to choose the minimum number of points and cluster distance, in order to define when and how many points are considered for clustering.pic1.pngWhen the layer is now displayed in MapThat notice that points near each other will be clustered together, with a number shown to define how many points are clustered.pic2.pngThe clustering Icon Colour will define what colour the cluster point is within the map. For example if I choose Red from the list and then apply that to my layer,….pic3.png

    The Cluster points are now shown as Red.pic4.pngThe Cluster Point uses a .PNG symbol which is found in the /IMAGES/ folder of your MapThat installation.pic5.pngIf the chosen Clustering Icon Colour from the Admin Forms list does not match an icon in the above folder then the clustering won’t work, and only the points that aren’t clustered will be shown in the map.pic6.pngSo check if an icon called Blue.PNG is present within your MapThat /IMAGES/ folder, and if not you can you find one and copy it into the folder. Now re-test and the clustering should work for the layer.pic7.png

    Finally, ensure that in your VE_LAYERS table, the value for the CLUSTERPINCOLOUR does not have any trailing spaces. For example below, I have been able to add two trailing SPACE characters after the word purple, which means the system will not be able to find the Purple.png icon and the Cluster points will not render. To save this occurring in the future you can change the Schema of the VE_LAYERS table and define this field to be VCHAR(10) and ensure all records have no trailing spaces.





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