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    Is it possible to undertake an area buffer from a specified pair of coordinates?



    Yes, the MapThat Area Search tool now has an option to create a distance buffer from a known pair of coordinates.

    Previously, the Area Search tool had options for the user to either click within the map window to place a point or search for an address in order to define the start location for the distance buffer. img3.png However, the Area Search tool has now been updated to allow the user to type (or copy and paste) a pair of coordinates, in either Long/Lat or Easting/Northing. The tool then uses the coordinates to create a distance buffer from that defined location. For example below, I have entered the coordinates for a building at 20 Kent Street – 459717, 304804.img4.pngBy then applying the Search Area to a layer, e.g. these Planning Applications, MapThat can now find all Planning Applications within 50 metres of a specified pair of coordinates.img5.png



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