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    By Peter Maxwell-Stewart


    In this blog we are looking at how we can create simple AR’s and VR’s of our models. The process is completely free and simple to use once you have done it once. ​

    The first thing you will need is the entiti app and creator. ​

    App Link:​


    Search for Entiti

    Entiti Creator link:


    You will now be able to upload your models to the Creator to start creating both VR’s and AR’s using Entiti. This process works for Fusion files, 3ds Max files and Revit files. The only caveat is that the file sizes can’t be too large at the moment which is probably why they don’t advertise this for Inventor files but a simple shrink-wrap and convert to .FBX should get you going.​

    Watch the video below and follow the step by step guide to see how you can get creating your own VR and AR worlds. ​

    Happy creating! ​

    STEP BY STEP – AR’s and VR’s



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