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    By Henry Coombs

    If you are a main contractor you have probably worked on a BIM project that requires an asset information model to be delivered by now. But there is still that problem that the supply chain isn’t ready for BIM.  You can end up paying somebody (usually the architect) to populate their model with the information about an asset generated through construction so you can comply with the deliverable. Well what if you could do it yourself without having to waste time manually inputting data?

    Along with many of the other benefits BIM360 has to offer, BIM360 Glue and Field allow users to populate the project federated model with data directly from the iPad.

    Because we use the cloud to host the federated model, all project stakeholders can easily access and contribute to the data within it via a web browser or on mobile devices. For example, if we are commissioning an air handling unit we can utilise the iPad to pull up the necessary data in the first instance and then add information to it such as install date, warranty start and end dates etc and tag the physical asset by scanning the barcode, which is linked to the geometry in the modelpic1.pngEasy and fast, we no longer have to carry out the commissioning and then pass the data to a CAD person to manually input. The task is carried out once and synced with the cloud, but we do have the ability to sync the data back to the native file such as Revit if need be. We also no longer need to collate all of the models together and deliver a final model, we can simply give the client access to our cloud model who can then take that on to maintain the asset.



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