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    By John Flanagan



    During a recent training course in Revit Structure, a delegate asked if there was a way to split continuous columns in a multi-storey building at finished floor levels. The answer is yes. You can use the copy monitor tools in Revit to split the columns at the desired location. In figure 1, some concrete columns have been placed at the grid intersections. These columns go from the 01 Entry Level up to the 06 Roof Level (figure 2).

    Fig 1: Concrete Columns Placed at Grids (Plan View)


     Fig 2: Concrete Columns – Elevation View


    Fig 3: Columns in 3D Before They Are Split

           pic10.pngUse the following steps to break the columns.


    You have a single/multiple column that extends through all the floors of your building and you want it to be split at each floor.


    One column at a time:

    1. Select the column
    2. Under the Properties-> Constraints-> Column Style-> Slanted
    3. Select the column again-> Modify-> Splice

    Multiple columns at once:

    1. Select and Group all columns you want
    2. Go to the Project Browser-> Group and find the group you just created
    3. Right click on the group and save as rvt
    4. Insert-> Link Revit-> Find the file you just saved-> Origin to origin
    5. Collaborate-> Copy and monitor-> select the linked file
    6. Options-> Columns tab-> Check Split Columns by Levels
    7. Copy-> Check Multiple-> Select the Columns-> Finish (by the multiple checkbox)
    8. Go back to Copy/Monitor and hit Finish again
    9. Now you can delete the link and the group

    Fig 4: Columns in 3D Split at Finished Floor Level


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