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    By Anite Ramgi


    cover_art1.pngWhilst using AutoCAD you may have customised the setup to your preference and wish to export these settings. You may want to do this because you are transferring the setting between two different machines and want to keep AutoCAD setup the same.

    You can export these settings by going to:

    Start>AutoCAD 20xx>Export AutoCAD 20xx settings

    The settings will be saved as a zip folder and by default will save to My Documents.


    You can also save these settings during resetting AutoCAD to its factory default.

    During the process, click on Back up and Reset custom settings. Again, these settings will be exported as a zip folder and saved to its default location.


    Once you have the settings saved, you can import this back into AutoCAD by going to:

    Start>AutoCAD 20xx>Import AutoCAD 20xx settings