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    How can you add a MapThat Layer to the list of available layers when using the Drawing Tools?



    In order to add a layer to the list of options within the Drawing Tools, e.g. my new layer called Leicester Planning Apps:


    You will need to tick the ‘Layer Editable’ option within the Role Layers tab for this layer. Tick the Layer Editable for each of the ROLES that you wish to allow edit rights to this layer. When a User logs into MapThat and they have this ROLE, when they open the Drawing Tools, the layer will now be listed to choose from. pic4.png

    In addition at the top of the Layer Admin Form you can use the Geometry Type list box to determine whether the user can edit the layer by adding only Points, Lines, Polygons or ANY geometry. This allows you to control what geometry is being inserted into your tables.


    Finally you may wish to set certain fields in the database to be Mandatory, so that when users create new features or edits existing records, they will need to complete these Mandatory fields. pic6.jpg

    This setting is applied using the Information Bubble for the layer. Simply tick the Mandatory option for your chosen fields. The Mandatory option is the final setting at the bottom right.pic7.png




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