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    By Anite Ramgi


    There are many ways to view 3D models for free, with the benefit of creating section views. You may want to send a 3D model to a customer, so that they can create sectional views without the use of software like Inventor.

    Below I’ve run through three methods of how to do this with the following software.

    A360 Viewer

    A360 Viewer is a free online viewer which requires the model file and any support files to be uploaded.

    Clicking on the Section Analysis, you can create the cross-section views on the relevant axis.A360.gif3D PDF

    Inventor can export 3D PDF which can be viewed on Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Navigate to the cross section properties on the toolbar. On the pop-up window, enable cross section, chose the axis and move the sliders in the Position and Orientation field.

    You can also set the axis from the face, or by picking three points and creating an axis, from either the Align to Face or Align to 3 Points respectively.3DPDF.GIFDesign Review

    Models can also be opened in Design Review. From the tools tab, 3D Tools ribbon, you can choose the cross section view depending on the plane, or you can choose Selection Plane, which cross sections from selected face of the model. Using the arrows, you can manipulate the planes.

    To reset the view, go to the Home tab, select the drop down menu from the View ribbon and click Starting Viewdesrev.gif