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    By Garry Stockton

    Whilst there are quite a few ‘Line Patterns ‘(Manage Tab, Settings Panel, Additional Settings, Line Patterns) to choose, there may be times when you want to create a custom line for such things as fence lines, piping or underground utilities.

    In Revit, we can create additional lines very simply by following the steps below:

    1 - Open an existing or new project in Revit. Switch to the Manage tab and go to the Settings Panel where you will find Additional Settings


    2- Select Additional Settings menu and choose Line Patterns



    3 – In the Line Pattern dialog box, click new. In the name field type your Custom name (for example Fence Line)


    4 – Define the sequence as shown in following image as an example.

    Note; Any dash or dot must be followed by a space, and all dashes and spaces must have a defined length.


    I hope you find this useful.