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    By John Flanagan



    My previous blog outlined the steps to place basic mass elements (Cylinder, Box, Pyramid Cone, Barrel Vault etc.,). This blog looks at the procedures to apply materials to mass elements. The title illustration shows some basic mass forms with materials applied. Follow the steps outlined below to apply materials and textures to your own mass forms.

    The material for mass elements is transparent by default. Therefore, you see all the edges of the mass.

    • In the Modify tab>Edit Face panel, click Paint and add materials to individual faces of a mass element.
    • Mass elements supplied with Revit have a Material parameter that can be set by instance in Element Properties.

    How to Set the Material for all Mass Elements in a Project.

    1. In the Manage tab>Project Settings panel, expand Settings and select Object Styles.
    2. Expand the Mass category and select the material for the Form.
    3. Click in the Material column and then click Browse when it displays.
    4. In the Materials dialogue box, select the material you want to use for all the mass elements in the project.

    Click OK to close the dialogue boxes.


    In my next blog, we will look at the conceptual massing environment.

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