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    By Miles Nicholson

    pic1.pngIn addition to the changes made in core AutoCAD which can be found at AutoCAD 2018 New Features , the following is an overview of the changes made to AutoCAD Electrical 2018.

    • High Resolution (4K) Monitor Support

    Some AutoCAD Electrical User Interfaces are now optimized for high resolution monitors. Thus, the following dialog boxes and palettes scale correctly when you increase the text size in Windows display properties.

      • Project Manager Palette
      • Symbol Builder Palette
      • Terminal Strip Editor
      • Set Wire type dialog 
    • SQL Server Support

    The SQL Content Migration Utility now migrates user-defined tables from MDB to SQL Server. Support for Unicode has also been enhanced for catalogue data in SQL mode.

    • Symbol Library

    The default device designation for some symbols in the NFPA library are updated to conform to NFPA 79 2015 edition.

    • Panel Layout

    Manufacturer and Catalogue Number settings in the DIN Rail dialog are enhanced to support long strings.

    • Swap Blocks

    Causes behind several system crashes related to create/swap/update symbol blocks have been identified and addressed.

    Performance improvements can be observed when performing project wide block swapping operations.

    •  Connector

    The insert connector workflow has been optimized to hide cross-references, unless specifically requested for. 

    • Catalogue Browser

    The catalogue Browser editing workflow is enhanced to support multi-user environments.

    • Reports

    BOM Reports now support subassembly details from the secondary catalogue database.

    • Terminals

    The panel symbol editing workflow is enhanced to support multiline attributes.

    • Wire Sequence

    Issues in the Edit Wire Sequence dialog for direct to terminal connection are addressed.



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