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    By Martin Phelps

    This section looks at the “Import Options” function of the PDF import command.

    As shown in Figure 1pic1.png

    Figure 1.

    Option 1 (Figure 2) which may be the most useful is “Import as Block”.

    When unchecked this function will import the selected PDF into the current drawing as separate objects, if checked the selected PDF will be imported as a “Block”.

    Therefore allowing the use of the “Explode” command, if at a later date it is required to return the “Block” back to its individual components.

    If the selected PDF comprises of a number of sheets, as in the first of this series of blogs, only the selected sheet is imported.


    Figure 2.

    Option 2 (Figure 3) is “Join Line and Arc Segments” which will convert touching lines into polylines where possible.


    Figure 3.

    Option 3 (Figure 4) converts solid fills into hatches whether this is checked or not checked the converted objects are still placed on the layer “PDF Solid Fills”.


    Figure 4.

    Option 4 (Figure 5) when checked, objects with line weight properties applied in the original drawing prior to printing to a PDF will retain the “Lineweight” properties.

    To display the line weights once the file has been imported the “Lineweight” display icon in the status line must be turned on. 

    If unchecked line weight properties will be ignored on import.


    Figure 5.




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