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    By Clint Brown

    Autodesk Inventor 2018 is now available. Subscription customers can access it via their Autodesk account at manage.autodesk.com.

    A big change to the way Inventor produces and consumes data is the new update to the AnyCAD engine. When Autodesk releases Inventor 2017.4 (date TBA), it will be able to reference Inventor 2018 data, making Inventor 2018 the first version of Inventor that is backward compatible. The big thing to remember here is that the files are available through AnyCAD as references and will not be available with full feature history, but will update in Assemblies and honour mates and geometry changes. The video below shows this exciting new technology in action.

    This new release is packed full of new features which we have individually reviewed and tested in the blog posts shown below.

    Inventor 2018 - Model Based Definition2017-03-23_11h02_26.png

    Model based definition is now standard with Inventor 2018. This powerful functionality allows 3D models to be annotated, assisting the manufacturing process with support for 3D PDF and STEP files.

    Inventor 2018 - What's New: Extrude Distance from Face2017-03-24_17h28_35.png

    A nice enhancement to the modelling environment in Inventor 2018 is the new "Extrude from Face" option. This enhancement offers more flexibility when modelling and in many design cases may even simplify the sketch creation process. 

    Inventor 2018: Improved Mesh handling2017-03-23_12h05_49.png

    Inventor 2018 has improved Mesh handling and now supports mesh objects in the drawing environment. This enhancement makes working with scanned data much easier.

    Inventor 2018 - New Parameter Filter2017-03-23_09h20_35.png

    The new Parameter filter "By Features" in the 2018 release makes finding parameters that are specific to a set of features really easy to find. I'm sure that this will prove to be very handy when working on models that were created by someone else.

    Inventor 2018 - What's new Measure Tool Enhancements2017-03-22_15h04_19.png

    The measure tool has had a total re-design in this version of Inventor. It is easier to use and more intuitive, it also makes use of some of the new "Browser" functionality.

    Inventor 2018 - What's new Browser Enhancements2017-03-22_14h44_37.png

    Possibly one of the most subtle changes to the interface is the new browser. This is my favourite new enhancement in 2018. The changes bring in a really powerful new search capability, as well as a new tabbed browser, that improves access to tools like iLogic and the Measure command.

    Autodesk Inventor 2018 - New Feature: Partial Chamfer2017-03-24_12h02_07.png

    Another nice addition to the modelling toolset is the new "Partial Chamfer" option.

    Inventor 2018 - iLogic Form Enhancements 2018_ilogic_form_behaviour.gif

    The latest iteration of iLogic now includes minimum and maximum for sizes, making standardisation much easier across multiple PC's or users.

     Inventor 2018 - iLogic Security Enhancements2017-03-29_11h48_14.png

    iLogic now scans all code by default for malicious content. Users are able to choose parts, rules, projects and folders to ignore (or not scan). I think that this is a great step in the right direction, particularly for novice users who may make use of code from the internet or 3rd party files.

    Have a look at our video playlist featuring all of the new features.