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    By Henry CoombsBIM360_Glue_Clash.pngClash detection within BIM360 Glue is a great feature. It is really simple to use and because it is being managed in the cloud, we can view clash results live rather than via horrible reports or screen shots etc. Another benefit is that when a new model gets ‘Glued’ and clashes have been rectified, the clash results get updated automatically.pic1.pngAnother great feature is how the information in Glue can be utilised in Revit – rather than looking through reports and locating the offending element in Revit manually, we can now utilise the ‘Clash Pinpoint’ feature on the BIM360 toolbar.


    Once the issue has been dealt with, the Revit user can simply re glue their model and it will appear back in the federated model with the issue resolved in the clash test.



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