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    By Gary Mann

    Here are some lesser known Cymap features. If you are already aware of them, consider yourself a Cymap Champion.

    1. Alt+roll mouse-wheel forward traverses the model upwards and Alt+ roll mouse wheel backward traverses the model downwards. Very useful for checking alignment of the DXFs or rapidly manoeuvring vertically through the model. The info box below shows a ten storey model that would benefit the user by rapidly negotiating the Z coordinates.


    2. Many users enjoy the “Right Click” method to copy a room, but did you know that you can Move Rooms? To move a previously defined room, first select the room by left click inside the room, this will initiate handles to appear on each corner of the room, grab any handle using the cursor placed above a handle, left click and hold mouse button down while holding down the Ctrl key. You can then drag the room to
    the required location.


    3. Some Cymap users do not model internal doors, which is fine, but for those that do to ensure that Radiator selection benefits from the different U value of the internal door from the partition and the different temperature of adjacent rooms, can speed up their modelling by understanding the following default method. Consider an Atrium with a plant room and toilets on one elevation on all three floors.


    a. Model the Toilets and Plant on the Ground floor. Make sure to insert the doors to all rooms.

    b. Use the “Copy Floors” command and copy the ground floor rooms to the first & Second floors.

    c. Then, define the Atria but do not input any internal doors or windows and make sure to edit the atria height before defining to span the height of the three storeys. You will then notice that the Atria has automatically picked up the internal doors. This also works between corridors and adjacent offices.


    Have fun trying these tips out and get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions?