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    By Justin Doughty

    pic6.pngI have recently come across an issue for certain instances of AutoCAD, where multiple versions have been installed or upgraded.

    When you double click a .dwg file to open the installed version of AutoCAD, you may be presented with an error message saying that Windows “cannot find” a previous version of AutoCAD. Similar to the below message:


    This is usually due to old products not being uninstalled correctly. A simple way to resolve this is by checking the registry.


    This article contains information about editing the registry. Before you edit the registry, make sure you understand how to create a backup and restore it if a problem occurs (Microsoft Link), as this can render your system inoperable. You edit the registry at your own risk.

    The first step is to edit the windows registry with regedit. Then navigate to the following folder location:



    Here we need to check that the values for open and print are definitely pointing to the right year and version of AutoCAD. If incorrect, edit the values to the right version.

    The following topic in the Autodesk Forum goes into more detail on this: