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    By James Philip


    Once you have created a Walkthrough in Revit to edit the camera path, height or direction can be difficult.

    To edit the path first select the Walkthrough in the project browser. (Fig 1) PC1.gifFig 1

    Then navigate to the view used to create the walk-through path and make it the current view.

     PC2.jpgFig 2

    Then navigate to the walkthrough in the browser and right click on it and choose Show Camera from the menu. (Fig 2)

    The path is displayed. (Fig 3)

    PC3.png Fig 3

    Select edit Walkthrough on the Ribbon, it then changes to show the settings shown in Fig 4.

     PC4.png  Fig 4

     To edit the path, select the Controls drop down arrow and choose Path. (Fig 5)

     PC5.jpgFig 5

     Select any of the control points and drag them to your desired position. (Fig 6)

     PC6.png Fig 6

    To edit the height of a control point, switch to an elevation view. Select edit Walkthrough, then choose Path from the Control drop down list. You will now be able to select any of the control points and drag them vertically. (Fig 7). You will need to change the Visual Style to Wireframe.

      PC7.png Fig 7

    To edit the camera’s view direction, in the plan view that was used to create it, restore the walkthrough camera. The camera path appears in the view. Then select Edit Walkthrough from the Ribbon. Finally choose Active Camera from the Controls drop down list. (Fig 8)

     PC8.pngFig 8

     Use the Next Frame or Next Key Frame to move the camera along the Path. (Fig 9)

    PC9.pngFig 9

    Select the camera target to rotate its direction. (Fig 10)

     PC10.pngFig 10



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