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    By Garry Stockton


    There will be times when we want to use the same schedule we just created in another project (rather than going through the hassle of re-creating from scratch), especially after you have created some custom properties such as formatting, formulas or images.


    Option A: 
    The easiest thing to do is to right-click on the schedule and copy it to the clipboard. Then hold down Control key and press Tab and it will cycle back to the other open window. Now each time Control + Tab it will cycle to the next open window. If you go Control + Shift + Tab it will go in reverse and you can cycle between any windows you have open.

    After you get the project window you want to paste the schedule to, you can use the Paste Button or Control + V to paste the schedule. Note, the schedule cannot be paste in the perspective view window.



    Option B:
    You can also select all the schedules you want to use in another project and right-click save to a new file. This will prompt you for name and location. Then, you need go to the Insert tab to bring the schedule back to project and it will list out all the views that are eligible to be imported from the file.

    Using the above features can save you many frustrating minutes or even hours re- creating your schedules.