Revit MEP 2017 and Electrical Wiring

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By Dennis Collin

Customising the Appearance of Wires in Revit MEP 2017


To customise a wire’s appearance seems to be tricky in Revit MEP as you cannot seemingly set a specific line type to a wire either through object styles or visibility graphics overrides. However, it is possible, through object display filters.

This can be done by creating a new wire type and is done by duplicating the default type included in the MEP templates.

Start the wire command and from the properties palette, edit type and duplicate and rename as desired. (E.g. Wire Dashed)


Then bring up the filters dialogue within the visibility graphics overrides dialogue (Keyboard Shortcut; VG or VV).

Click the “Edit/New” button.

Set the filter as shown below:


Go to a typical wiring plan where you want the dashed wires to appear. Apply the filter to the view and set appropriate overrides to present the wiring clearly.


You can also create a specialised line pattern under the additional settings menu in the Manage Tab.


Finally, to be able to apply the display override efficiently to each view; create an Electrical Wiring View Template from the view. Name it accordingly, this will facilitate a quick way of standardising all electrical drawings, showing the wires in a consistent way (and can also standardise plot scale, view range, discipline, sub discipline and many other settings).

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