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    By Kim Hyde


    At the time of writing this Blog (8th March 2017) Autodesk has not officially announced the date for the FCS (First Customer Shipment) of the 2018 product releases, but you will all hear soon as I know the annual releases are imminent.

    For those actively involved with Beta testing you will know there is a plethora of additional features and functionality incorporated in the 2018 releases. I have personally been involved with the Vault 2018 Beta and I know folks will not be disappointed! As soon as the shipping dates have been announced Autodesk will lift the embargo for the 2018 products and make all the details public.

    Cadline always advise to upgrade your products a.s.a.p. to get the best value for your subscription; planning for this is essential and you may find the following links useful in knowing how and where to get the latest product releases and prepare your PCs … talking of which it’s never a bad idea to give your PC a `seasonal Spring-clean’, some sites I’ve been to in the past have folks who have never deleted files from the temp folder!

    Please refer to the following Autodesk links:

    Accessing the latest product upgrades via your Autodesk Account:


    PC Preparation (System Requirements, general PC preparation, installation etc.)


    Also, remember that our Customer Services Team is always available to help and advise on any aspect regarding Autodesk products and licensing.

    Tel:  01784 419911

    Email:  customer.services@cadline.co.uk

    Happy Vaulting!




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