Navisworks 2017 Use Relative Paths in Hyperlinks

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By Justin Doughty


When we need to send a Navisworks file to a customer or colleague, sometimes hyperlinks can become problematic when the paths point to various locations or documents that aren’t accessible. One way of dealing with this is to keep all linked documents in sub-folders of the project and use relative paths for the links in the model. This way we can easily create a zip file of the project folder and all links will be retained with the folder structure.

In the example below is a file called “Small Office.nwd” in a folder called “Navisworks Project”, then the PDF to be linked in a sub folder called “PDF”.

To start, add a link to an item:pic2.png

Next browse to the file to be linked (1), this will display the full path. Then edit the path, removing everything before the project folder and replacing with .. as per the image below (2):

pic3.pngNow test the link to make sure it works:

pic4.pngExisting Links can also be edited in the same way.

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