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    By Kim Hyde


    For companies using (or thinking of using) Autodesk Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional, Vault Office may offer a cheaper and ideal solution for those design team members who have no direct CAD roles.

    Vault Office not only provides a direct interface between all Microsoft Office applications and Vault (ideal for team members with a document controller role), but also allows membership to the CAD design approval process and ECOs 

    Cost-wise Vault Office maintenance is approximately a quarter of the price of Vault Professional.

    When comparing the Client for Vault Office and Vault Professional (from a user point of view) visibly there are no immediate differences; although all Vaulted data is visible there will be no CAD interactions available via the Vault Office GUI such as `Get’ or `Check-Out’ for CAD related data.

    More details and a list of the functionality for Vault Office (AKA - `Thick Client’) is available via the following Autodesk link:



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