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    By Garry Stockton

    Drag to Copy - Hold down the Ctrl key and drag a component to make a copy of it.

    Control the Project Browser - Expand/Decrease the Project Browser. This is a standard Windows feature that works in any Explorer-type listing. Using Ctrl + will expand all folders and Ctrl - (dash) will collapse them. Using the +/- keys on the number pad is easier.

    As an experienced AutoCAD user, you probably have customised key-ins which made you faster in AutoCAD, consider using the same ones in Revit. Here are some typical AutoCAD commands and the Revit commands that go with them.

    AutoCAD - Revit

    Break  -  Split Element
    Copy  -  Copy
    Erase  -  Delete
    Fillet  -  Trim/Extend
    Hatch  -  Filled Region
    Insert  -  Link Revit
    Line  -  Detail Line
    Mirror  -  Mirror
    Offset  -  Offset
    Quick Save  -  Ctrl S
    Trim  -  Trim/Extend

    Most of these commands can be found in the Modify Panel on the Ribbon Bar.




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