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    By Scott Cunliffe


    Plastic features from the Plastic Part panel in Inventor are not shown by  default in recent versions of Inventor.  To enable:

    Right-click in empty panel space > Show Panels > Plastic Part


    Begin by creating a sketch representing your grill geometry – only simple lines are required.

    Start the grill tool and pick each of the constituent parts.  The tool requires at least a Boundary to be selected from a closed loop, and the subsequent choices are optional. 

    Some iteration will probably be required until you get it exactly as you want.

    Some rules to note:

    1. The Boundary can only be flush or bossed but not embossed.
    2. The Island takes it depth from the Boundary
    3. You can choose to include only spars and not ribs, but they take their dimensions as offsets from the rib tab.
    4. The tool can be used on any surface