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    By Anite Ramgi

    UPDATE: 16 Feb 2017:

    Original blog post:

    Autodesk recently integrated the Forge Viewer to the Buzzsaw Web Client. With this integration, some issues have been discovered, and Autodesk have recommended some workarounds for users. 

    One of the reported issues is an error message that reads "An unknown error occurred". This has been reported where folders contain Revit models.

    Please see the advice below from Autodesk’s Health Dashboard:

    The Autodesk Forge Viewer is now integrated into Buzzsaw Web Client. Along with this enhancement, we have discovered some issues that we are currently testing fixes for:

    Known Issues

    If a custom page is set as the default information page, on logging into Buzzsaw receive message "Buzzsaw could not be launched. An unknown error occurred.” Can no longer access site.

    Workaround #1: remove the "infopage" at the end of the URL and refresh the browser; the Web UI then appears as expected.

    Workaround #2: Log into the desktop client/Site Administration/InformationPages and set the top page in the list to Buzzsaw's default "Site Information"page. This will change the default Information Page that customers see when first signing into your Buzzsaw site. To access your existing custom Information pages, either:
    - Click the Site Pages dropdown in the Web UI

    - Open the Site Information dropdown in the desktop client

    Prepare for viewing RVT and NWD files can be slow.

    Workaround: You may select the “Prepare for viewing” action again at a later time as the system may be more responsive.



    Published Feb 2017



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