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    By Luke Howells

    How to Create a Surface from Point Cloud Data in Civil 3D

    Once you have geo-referenced your point cloud you can start modelleing your existing terrain by creating a surface.  Surfaces in Civil 3D can be created using any point data but laser scans are the most convenient.  Once the surface is created the software can then display a variety of surface styles and perform comparisons.

    Creating a surface from a Point Cloud can be a long process if inserted as an entire file. To speed the process up we first must refine the data we are going to use.

    Once the file has been unified and Exported it is ready to Import into Civil 3D.Creating a Surface

    With the Point Cloud within the Civil 3D workspace we can create an editable surface from its points.

    Select the Point Cloud, from the Contextual Ribbon, Select Create Surface from Point CloudLeave the Region as defined by the original point cloud, click NEXT.



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