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    By John Flanagan


    I've written a White Paper outlining some practical tips to improve modelling productivity in Revit Architecture 2017.

    The sample shown here in this blog illustrates the first tip on tiling views so that you can see the model developing in 3D. If you are fortunate enough to have two monitors, you can have a plan view on one monitor and a 3D view on the other monitor.

    1. Tile Plan and 3D Views

    Revit is about building a model. Watch your model grow in 3D.

    Many beginners spend hours trying to understand what they are seeing on their screen and they fail because they don't bother looking at a 3D view. Create a default isometric view and use Window Tile (shortcut: WT) to split opened views.


    This White Paper details 5 productivity tips, and can be found by clicking on the image below.



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