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    By Anite Ramgi

    Currently, there is no standard search option to search emails according to the sender. This can be achieved by creating a new property.

    Firstly, go to Tools>Administration>Vault Settings> Behaviour Tab>Properties…

    On the Property Definitions window, click on the New…, a New (Property) window will appear.

    Fill the name as per the requirement i.e. Email From. In the Associations field, tick on the Files.

    Click on the Mapping tab, input the data as per the below gif.

    More properties can be added i.e. To Email or From Address, by repeating the process on the Property Definitions window.


    Once the properties have been defined, it needs to be added onto the user defined property pallet.

    From the Actions menu, select Add or Remove Property, and add the new property. Be sure to select all the emails, before adding the property onto the property pallet.

    Your IT services may have to re-index the files on Vault Database from the Autodesk Data Management Server Console.

    Once this been completed, returning to the Vault Client, refresh, and expand the query builder and change the specific property search to Email From.