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    Construction Document Management in the 21st Century

    By Paul Watson

    In the quest to avoid cost overruns, project delays and possible construction rework, the roles of the architect, main contractor and sub-contractors are ever increasingly more driven by deadlines, health and safety and costs.

    The cornerstones of Building Information Modelling (BIM) are to help solve these problems by co-ordinating a digital model with all project related data connected.

    During the design and construction phases there many collaboration and co-ordination issues because of the multiple stakeholders all playing a part in providing timely information. Autodesk has developed their next generation cloud based construction technology branded BIM 360 and BIM 360 Docs focusing on managing documentation.

    Manage construction project documents.

    BIM 360 Docs ensures the entire project team is building from the correct version of documents, plans and models. Save time, reduce risk and mitigate errors in construction projects.

    BIM 360 Docs delivers a complete, connected solution to manage all 2D plans, 3D models and other project documents. Built specifically for construction projects, BIM 360 Docs is designed to connect designers, owners, contractors and construction project teams. The whole team gets access to the most current set of documents.

    A document management app built with construction projects in mind.

    • Manage all 2D plans, 3D models and project documents in the cloud.
    • View documents in thumbnail and list views, and quickly identify changes.
    • Control file versions, including rolling back to previous versions.


    • Versioning is done automatically as new files are published, with the ability to view earlier versions and mark a version as current.

    • View 2D plans, 3D models, or any document in thumbnail or list view. Notifications make it easy to see what has changed or needs action.

    Get the right documents into the hands of those that need them.

    • Curate files and drawings into project folders with permission-based access rights.
    • Extract sheets and properties directly from drawings and models.
    • OCR title block data to automatically name and organise plans.


    • As PDFs upload, title blocks are scanned and extracted properties are used to organise sheets.

    • Automatically extract individual sheets from multi-page PDFs and models. 

    Control approval processes and the release of information to the field.

    • Access control by a user, including five permission levels.
    • Get notified automatically when a document changes or an issue is assigned to you.
    • Assign folder-level permissions to users, roles or companies.


    • Manage access by setting folder-level permissions.


    • Compare design versions with sheet stacking, easily viewing changes between colour identified versions.

    Reduce risk and eliminate errors by ensuring the entire team is building from the current set.

    • Provide online and offline access to information.
    • View, edit and manage docs from a browser, iPad or iPhone.
    • Access zero-client model and PDF viewing, with optimised zoom.


    • Optimised zoom for viewing PDFs and models on phones and tablets.


    • Easily switch between coordinated model and sheet sets.

    Keep current whether in the office or in the field.

    • Create, view and share 2D & 3D markups.
    • Follow built-in hyperlinks to navigate from one file to another. Notifications alert users of markups or issues to be reviewed.


    • Create, share and review design mark-ups on 2D sheets or 3D models.

    • Open, assign, comment on and manage issues from the Web or mobile device, and alert users of newly assigned issues.


    So, in the quest for easy access from the web or mobile device, with no infrastructure requirement other than an internet connection, then BIM 360 Docs could be the answer to your project collaboration issues.

    Autodesk is aggressively developing BIM 360 Docs with new features appearing bi-weekly,  indicating this has serious focus at Autodesk. There are plans to integrate even further with the other modules within the BIM 360 portfolio to put Docs at the heart of their cloud construction offering.


    If you want to see a live demonstration or find out more, then contact Cadline Sales on 01784 419922.

    Try BIM 360 Docs for free. Unlimited users, unlimited documents for free.

    Link: http://autode.sk/2beMh2z