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    Why are the Data Table Results not showing in the MapThat MyCommunity Tool?



    The MapThat MyCommunity Tool will provide local information to users based on their map positon or postcode. These can include Data Tables that automatically calculate the NEAREST points of interest e.g. Hospitals & Schools, as well as automatically calculating how many records are within a set DISTANCE e.g. Planning Applications within 100m.

    However, unless configured correctly, the list of Data Tables can appear empty:


    To resolve this issue, firstly ensure that you have specified to display Data Tables for your chosen Project. This can be done using the Projects > MyCommunity Tables Tab. Choose Edit and ensure that you have added and then ticked to display Data Tables. Below is an example of all Data Tables for this Project being hidden, as the Show Data Table column is unticked. In order to display a Data Table, simply tick the Show Data Table column and press Save.


    Secondly, you will need to choose which Columns for each Data Table to show within the MyCommunity Tool. This can be configured by editing the Information Bubbles for those Data Layers. For example, below the VE_LAYER_ATTREDIT table shows that I am using the Name and Type field in my Data Table to be exposed in the MyCommunity Tool. Ensure that for all your chosen Data Tables, you have at least 1 field exposed by applying a value of ‘Y’ in this field.

    Your chosen Data Tables and specified columns will now appear within the MapThat MyCommunity Tool.



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