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    The MyCommunity Overview Admin Forms are not opening, how can I resolve this?



    The MyCommunity Overview Admin Form allows you to configure the Summary section at the top of the MapThat MyCommunity Tool.


     The MyCommunity Overview Admin Form looks like the below when opened. This allows you to configure the source data used for the Ward Details, Council Tax, Deprivation Stats, etc.… as well as which layers are used to check for Environmental Constraints and Reported Incidents.


    However, if the MyCommunity Overview Admin Form fails to open, or displays the following error message:


    The likely reason is that one or more of the Data Layer records does not have a Layer Caption Value or that value is NULL. In order to check this, you can use the following SQL statement on the VE_LAYERS table:

    Update any VE_LAYER record where the layercaption is NULL to have a value, then save the VE_Layers table. Now re-try the MyCommunity Overview Admin Form and the page will now open successfully.




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