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    By Luke Howells

    Installing the Cadline Survey Module

    How to Reference the Survey Module Points and Copy the Description Keysets to your existing Template using Civil 3D 2017

    Upon receiving the the Cadine Survey Module Template it will need to be saved with your company’s other template (.dwt) files.

    The installation of the Cadline Survey Module is broken into 2 Phases:-

    • Referencing the Point Styles and Label Style
    • Copying the Description Key Sets

    Open a new drawing using your company’s standard drawing template.

    • Create Point References

      • From Manage RIBBON, select Reference from the Styles PANEL


    • Use the ‘+’ Icon to add a new Reference File


    • Navigate to the file location containing your company drawing templates
    • Select the Cadline Survey Module Template
    • Click Update

    The Cadline Survey Module Point Style, Label Styles and Table Styles will now appear under Points on the Toolspace Settings TAB

    • Copying the Description Key Set
      • Expand Points on the Toolspace Settings TAB to display the Description Key Sets sub-folder
      • If you haven’t previously, delete the DMRB and UK and Ireland Description Key Sets
      • Open a new drawing using the Cadline Survey Module Drawing Template
      • On the Toolspace switch from Active Drawing settings View to Master View


    • In Master View, we can see the Settings for all open drawings within Civil 3D
    • Expand Points on the Settings TAB for both open drawings
    • From the Cadline Survey Module drawing select the Cadline Topographic Description Key Set
    • LEFT Click and drag the Description Key Set to your company template drawing
    • Repeat the action for the Cadline Utility Description Key Set

    Once both of these sequences are complete save the drawing as a new Template file (.dwt).

    If you are using a version older than Civil 3D 2017 then the link below details how to copy the Description Key Sets:-


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