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    By Dennis Collin

    A few versions ago AutoCAD received a major improvement on the hatching command which included amongst other things a notification of gaps in boundaries. This took the form of red circles which marked up any holes enabling users to fix the problem and hatch the desired areas. These markers will disappear after creating a hatch or by applying the REGEN command.

    Fig 1. Red Circle Defect Markers working as expected

    Occasionally though, these 'warning' circles do not appear despite there being gaps in the hatch boundary object. This is often the case with computers with onboard graphic cards and, or out of date graphics card drivers.

    If the problem persists after updating the drivers with the latest certified version, check the AutoCAD display options and turn off the 'anti-aliasing' feature which improves AutoCAD’s display.

    Fig 2: AutoCAD Options Screens

    Also, consider switching off the smooth line display if these problems are still apparent. Once these changes have been made the adjusted graphical options will be saved in the system registry.