Vault 2017 – Move Library Folders

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By Scott Cunliffe

Now that I have lured you in, I must confess – this is not a solution to moving library folders in Vault.  Rather it is a workaround to save you the headache of mass folder creation.

If, like me, you have Content Center Files in your Vault that are not where they should be then you may want to correct that.  With “Enforce Unique File Names” turned on, you will inevitably hit the issue of duplicate parts.  Moving files and folders is easy in Vault.  As long as they are not Library folders. 

You are free to move the files, but not the folder.  If you move the files, they will still need need to reside in the same folder structure which means you will have to create those folders again.  Creating so many folders from scratch is a daunting and laborious process.  Read on for the workaround which uses Windows Explorer to the leg work for us.

1. Get the en-US portion of the secondary Content Center folder you want to merge

2. Right-click “Go to Working Folder”

3. In Windows Explorer, we want to delete all of the files we just downloaded and leave only the folder structure. Inside the working folder, search for *.*, set view to “Details”, and drill down by “Type”

4. Select and delete all of the files in the window

5. Find the en-US folder in the left hand pane, then drag and drop into the main Content Center Folder in Vault


6. OK the Add Files dialogue

7. Begin moving all of the Content Center Files from their old location to their new location

8. Finally, delete the old Content Center folder from the secondary location

Step 7 is now the most laborious part, but is necessary to update file references and maintain assembly integrity.

I hope this helps with your Vault house-keeping endeavours.


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